Wes Urbiniak Live at the Independent

Wes Urbiniak Live at the Independent

“Eventually, all of the strangeness becomes eerily fond of its rotation around its source.  I feel the same as I have since I remember being at all.  Only now, I have tool attachments connected to my foundation that are the consequence of trying, failing, and learning.  Still, behind it all, the same toe-headed tell-me-nothing let-me-be boy still kicks wild…

The first time I ever saw a guitar, I was overwhelmed with a sickness like I had never known.  I needed it.  I had to have it.  What do four-year-olds know, though?  Yeah, four-year-olds know things, especially when they hit like that.  My dad worked trash for the town a couple days a week, and someone had thrown out two short scale Stratocaster style electric guitars – red and blue.  There were things in my home that I was afraid of, but nothing caused more fear than not being able to play one.”

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