The Studio Practice

The Studio Practice

Being an artist does not have to be isolating. As artists, we learn from each other, and when we are together, unexpected collaborations also happen. Up until now, it’s been challenging to find a place where we can actually spend some time working on our own work in the company of other artists.

This Studio Practice is open to all artists, at any level, in any medium (except for clay and stained glass). Bring whatever project you are working on, your own supplies (including easels), and spend a few hours each week working on your art in the company of other artists. The Studio Practice is very open-ended – you can share your work in progress, get feedback, ask for help, lead a short educational presentation or exercise, or just create. The expectation is that this is a fluid group and that over time, the group will evolve and determine the needs and direction of the practice.

The Studio Practice is open to most types of art-making, excluding pottery, glass work, and other art forms that may not work well in our space – please inquire with if you are unsure.

Ages: 15 – 99+

Instructor: Annie Mcoy and the Big Sky Artist’s Collective

Suggested Class Fee: $10. This class is offered on a contribute-what-you-can basis with the lowest fee option of $2.

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