Spring Community Cleanse!

Spring Community Cleanse!

Feeling worn out from the winter? Feeling bloated, low energy, or foggy in the mind? Maybe it’s just time to reset and boost your immune system!

It’s that time of year again, to refresh, renew and revitalize! The community cleanse utilizes the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in order to help detoxify the body and reboot the digestive system, plus going through the process with a community of others makes it all that much easier to get through it successfully. It is not a time of starvation or deprivation, we eat 3 (or 4) meals each day and take specific herbs to assist the process of releasing toxins. It is designed to be a two-week cleanse, but it can be customized to the length of time that you are able to commit to and dates can be flexible if need be. You are also welcome to do it from a distance if you won’t be in Big Sky this spring!

What it includes: digestive herbal formula and body oil (specific to your needs), 4 cleansing and rejuvenating herbal formulas, 7 days of Ayurvedic cleansing food, a booklet of information on the step-by-step process, and some recipes, weekly meetings and daily email support through the process.

1st Timers ~ $350 Repeat Cleansers ~ $320 | Register by April 12th and Save $25

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Text MT64PROJECT to 41411 for text updates.
Email Kristine@bigskypublicrelations.com | Call 406-207-4484 

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